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Which brand of tire to choose?

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If you’re shopping for new tires, you’ll quickly find that it’s easy to get lost not only because of the number of brands available, but also because of the different characteristics of the tires in question. Are you looking for sport tires? Premium tires? Cheap tires? New tires? Winter, summer or all-season tires? Blackcircles Canada will help you find the best brands of tires for your vehicle according to your needs and your budget!

How do I choose my tires?

To know which brand of tires to choose, your budget will obviously be a deciding factor! Different brands of tires are available, at different prices and according to your type of vehicle:

Once you have defined your maximum budget, it will be easier for you to choose your next tires! “Yes, but what brand of tire should I choose for my car?” you may ask. Not only your budget, but also your type of vehicle will have an influence on your decision!

Truck, SUV, sports car: do they all need the same tires?

No. If you’re in the process of spring shopping for your tires, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll have a choice between summer tires and all-season tires. The latter are suitable for the majority of vehicles that require good grip, good tread life and are designed to still offer some performance in rain or light snow, for example.

What are now called summer tires are performance tires, designed for sports and high-end cars. They are generally wider than conventional tires to provide solid performance when cornering. They also have a special tread structure with a reduced number of sipes, which provides better handling. In short, they are designed to increase your vehicle’s performances and quickly become ineffective when the mercury drops.

Environmentally friendly tires? Why not!


If you prefer fuel economy to performance, eco-friendly tires can be an interesting purchase! Offering lower rolling resistance than other models, they are found on many hybrid models, but they can also be mounted on “standard” vehicles. Brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear, to name but a few, all offer tires that allow your vehicle to improve its fuel efficiency.

Of course, the size of your tires will also influence their price. In fact, a tire for a light truck like the Ford F-150 will cost more than one for a subcompact like the Mitsubishi Mirage! And even within the same model, different sizes may be available, depending on the version of your vehicle. For example, you could fit your SUV with tires varying between 16 and 20 inches, depending on the trim you choose.

The intended use of the tire will also have an influence on its total cost. For example, brands of tires that offer rubber for off-road driving will be more expensive than a tire installed on a city car; the season for which the tire is designed (all-season or winter) also varies the price. Similarly, if you use your vehicle intensively in winter, choose a brand that offers optimal grip on icy surfaces and above-average tread life, which are less important if you use your vehicle little or not at all in winter conditions.

It is difficult to say which brand of new tires to choose because for 2 drivers with the same vehicle, their needs may be different. That’s why the specialists at blackcircles Canada can guide you in your online tire purchase, and help you find the best brand of tires for your needs and your budget!

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