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Top 10 winter tires

/ Top 10 winter tires

Top 10 winter tires

By |2019-10-02T14:12:10-04:00September 30th, 2019|Tips and guides|

Winter is coming. If you have not done so already, it’s high time to contact to plan your summer tire change to winter tires. Because although some days are still lenient, the snow could occur quickly.

The problem, however, is the choice. There are many winter tires, their quality varies considerably, and you do not know where to look. Of course, relying on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you know the dimensions for your own car. But do you know exactly what you need?

WARNING: Consult an advisor through chat, for example, if you want to change the size of the tire you want to install on your vehicle. These are changes that require knowledge and expertise.

And of course, here is the moment to choose your tire. Are you urban or rural? Small or big vehicle? All of these things matter, but you should also choose tires that meet the minimum grip requirements. They must be effective from 7 degrees and colder. And do not forget: it’s now December 1st, 2019 the deadline!

To help you choose, here is our top 10:

Michelin X-Ice XI3

Particularly effective on the ice, it offers an indisputable ride comfort. It does well in deep snow, and displays a higher durability rating. A high quality tire, at a relatively affordable price.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS-90

The new generation of this classic Canadian winter. His predecessor excelled in the snow and offered great silence on the road. It was also distinguished on wet pavement. This new generation resumes in the same place, and offers an improved life.

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR

Its price is a little quivering, as is its durability. However, its great qualities are found in terms of stability on wet, snowy or icy conditions. A good choice, more focused on performance.

BF Goodrich Winter T / A KSI

The deep snow does not scare him. Nor are the icy roads. On wet or dry surface, however, it trails a little over the competition.

Nokian Hakkapeliita R3

We could have talked about the Hakkapeliita 9, but we preferred to opt for a more affordable tire, and for a wider use because it is not studded, the R3. We like it for its grip, we like it less for its insistent rolling sound. A good choice for urban hikes.

Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06

Another novelty, which replaces the tire of last year. German technology guarantees good grip on icy surfaces and outstanding arctic cold resistance.

Toyo Observe GSi6

A real beast in the deep snow, the Toyo Observe is also particularly quiet and durable. It does, however, like a little less spring wet pavement, which gives it less stability in these conditions.

General Artic Altimax 12

More affordable, General Altimax Artic stands out especially in less extreme conditions. It excels on wet pavement, and displays a great stability on icy road. He likes less deep snow on the other hand.

Yokohama IceGuard IG52C

You guessed it by its name, it is on the ice that this tire stands out. In fact, of all rankings, he gets the highest rating in this area of ​​all tires. It is unfortunately not balanced on the snow (where it is still good and gets 80%), and its durability is a bit less… durable.

Gislaved Norfrost 200

A division of Continental tires, Gislaved offers a winter tire that can be studded. But even without, it offers an extraordinary grip in deep snow due to the exclusive design of its sole. He is only less known, and his name is unpronounceable!


Regardless of your choice, however, be aware that a winter tire is more than a legal requirement: it is your insurance on the road. Never forget it!