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By Marc Bouchard | Monday 17 October 2022 | BlogTips and guides

Toyo tires may not get all the press that the Pirelli and Michelin of this world usually get, but that doesn’t mean anything about the quality of their tires! I absolutely don’t want to seem like I’m trying to belittle French and Italian tires, but we have to admit that sometimes it is interesting to look elsewhere. 

I know that Toyo is still a pretty popular brand, established in over 100 countries around the world and in operation since 1945.  Still, I hope you’ll agree that the Japanese brand is worth checking out a bit more, if only to broaden your horizons for the winter!

The Observe line 

Robust and safe, the tires in the Observe line offer optimal protection on all types of road surfaces. The G3-Ice, for example, available in studdable or studded versions, offers ultimate traction and allows you to drive with confidence even in the most difficult conditions. Sportier cars may benefit more from the Observe GSI-6 HP because of their increased stability and handling. No matter what you choose from the lineup, you can be sure of a solid and efficient tread. 

Toyo Celsius for all tastes

The various tires bearing the Celsius name all have something in common: incredible versatility. Equally at home on an SUV, a sedan or a truck, they will get you to your destination safely. That’s thanks in part to their asymmetrical design, a feature shared with the greatest racing tires. In addition to maximizing traction, it also allows the tire to wear more evenly, making it last longer.  

The M-55 for extreme conditions

Here, we enter another universe. Rather than being tailored to conventional passenger cars, Toyo M-55s are designed for trucks and vans that will be on the road a lot this winter.  Available only in 15″ to 18″ sizes, this is in my opinion one of the best options available on for commercial fleets. Affordable and perfectly designed to shed water and slush, they are easily capable of handling rough or even unpaved roads.


There are of course an impressive variety of models available on the Toyo page of It’s impossible to get a complete picture of the brand in just three models, but I hope I’ve at least made you realize that this is not a second-rate manufacturer! Fully equipped to face the competition, Toyo tires might surprise you… 

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