Comparing the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico vs Continental Vikingcontact 7

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Are you looking for solid and performant tires that will help you tackle winter in full confidence? When it comes to non-studded tires, the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico vs Continental Vikingcontact 7 models are definitely worth your time and consideration!

Discover what both of these tire models have to offer thanks to this comparison brought to you by blackcircles Canada. Take a look at our website for even more purchasing advice.

How do the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico vs Continental Vikingcontact 7 compare?

What makes both of these tire models similar? Firstly, they belong to the same tire category: non-studded and non-studdable winter tires. They are also two excellent tire models. Although the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico is new to the market, its predecessor was well known and quite popular in this tire category, which means that we can expect the same quality level –or even higher!

In fact, this newest model replaces the Pirelli Ice Zero FR, which –along with the Vikingcontact 7- was in the top 10 best winter tires according to the Car Guide (amongst others). This means that they are truly excellent non-studded/non-studdable winter tire choices.

On the one hand, the Continental Vikingcontact 7 is perfectly suited to touring vehicles, SUVs and minivans. It is available in a wide array of different sizes ranging from 15- to 22- inches, and for a total of 88 different dimensions in all!

On the other hand, the Pirelli Winter Zero Asimmetrico is specially designed for touring cars and SUVs. For the moment, it is offered in 31 different sizes, ranging from 15- to 20- inches, 10 of which are 17- or 18- inches, a size that is most coveted by several cars and smaller SUVs.

Another aspect which differentiates the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico vs the Continental Vikingcontact 7 is the tread design. When it comes to the Pirelli, it used to be a directional tread which is now asymmetrical, as its new name indicates. As for the Continental, it maintains its same directional tread design.

Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico: specifications

As we have mentioned, the tread has been entirely redesigned.

Amongst other things, this new design offers a lower void rate, resulting in the tire’s contact surface with the road being superior. What does this mean? In fact, the greater the contact surface, the better the traction. In this case, this also means better grip levels on slippery surfaces like ice.

New square blocks towards the center of the tire also allow to improve grip levels since it makes the tread design even more efficient. These blocks are framed by a double lateral groove that allows better distribution of the tire’s weight to the ground.

Another important element also makes this tire even more performant in winter situations: new liquid polymers. They provide the tire with more suppleness, allowing it to maintain flexibility even when mercury levels drop significantly. They also ensure greater grip levels on icy or wet surfaces, amongst other things.

Finally, 3D sipes ensure shorter braking distances by literally gripping onto the roads. In short, this new Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico tire generation provides you with

  • Better grip;
  • Greater flexibility;
  • More performance;
  • A quieter ride!

This means you can expect performance levels that exceed those offered by the previous generation.

Continental Vikingcontact 7: Specifications

The Continental Vikingcontact 7 is relatively new to the market, having been introduced in 2019. Amongst the features it offers, you will have:

  • More rigid blocks
  • A silica compound with canola oil
  • A groove network
  • Loads of 3D sipes

By observing the Continental tire design you will notice that it is made up of interrelated blocks through which a network of grooves intertwines. These blocks were specially designed for greater rigidity, which means that they offer superior road handling and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

As for the grooves that travel between the blocks, they allow for better water evacuation. In fact, the grooves found throughout the directional tread are specially designed for a quick and efficient evacuation of liquids, including water and slush.

3D sipes are also found throughout the tread and allow to optimize the driving experience in snowy conditions. The sipes have gripping edges for greater traction and better braking distances in winter conditions, thus avoiding slipping or skidding.

The manufacturer has added an interesting ingredient to its rubber compound recipe: canola oil stirred into the silica mixture. This compound allows for added flexibility, amongst other things, allowing the tire to better adapt to extreme colds.

The tire has also been specially designed to reduce noise and increase comfort levels. It truly is an excellent winter tire!

Choosing between the Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico and the Continental Vikingcontact 7

The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero vs Continental Vikingcontact tires do share some things in common, although several elements are quite different.

Truth be told, the Continental Vikingcontact 7 tire really resembles the last Pireilli model, the Winter Ice Zero FR. This model also had several blocks separated by a groove network, and had no central rib. For those of you who feel less inclined to trying out the new asymmetrical model, the Continental tire could truly be an excellent alternative.

Moreover, take note that the Continental had ranked higher than the last Pirelli model in the top 2021 winter tires according to the Car Guide, taking 5th position to be exact. This means we can confirm that not only are they similar, it is even better!

However, one of the Pirelli tire’s main strength compared to the Continental model was maneuverability on dry roads. This still remains its main advantage today, and the asymmetrical tread will only serve to amplify these capacities.

Inversely, the Continental is not the best when it comes to building up speed on wet or dry roads. So when it comes to road handling, you will probably prefer it in the city as opposed to the highway! Although the directional tread does indeed make it very safe on wet roads.

As for asymmetrical tires like the new Pirelli, they are well known for the ease and control they offer at high speeds. This means you can expect a sporty and reactive driving experience with this tire. The Continental will offer a smoother and very comfortable drive.

On the other hand, it is important to note that a greater contact surface offers more traction and rolling resistance in general. While the Vikingcontact 7 stands out for its low rolling resistance, this is a factor that has yet to be tested on the new Ice Zero tire.

In both cases, the tires fare very well when it comes to driving on icy or snowy surfaces, as this is one of the main strengths for both.

Comparing the drive

Is a quiet driving experience a priority for you? Then let’s take a look at how the Pirelli Winter Ice Zero vs Continental Vikingcontact 7 compare in this aspect.

When Continental designed its winter tire, a quiet drive was at the top of the list. It is indeed one of the qualities that stands out in most reviews done on this tire.

In fact, the Car Guide team had mentioned: “when it comes to a quiet driving experience, this Continental fares very well against the Micheline X-Ice Snow and the Pirelli Ice Zero FR.”

Other reviews have also placed the Pirelli tire right under the Continental, while giving the latter an almost perfect rating. Inversely, it is interesting to note that the Pirelli tire has addressed this issue with this newest tire generation, improving noise reduction by 4 %.

This means that if you are looking for a quiet tire, both are now excellent choices! The Continental will, however, offer a little bit more comfort in general, while the Pirelli is a better tire for a sportier driving experience.

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