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Nissan Altima 2019 and Hankook Kinergy GT: strong union

/ Nissan Altima 2019 and Hankook Kinergy GT: strong union

Nissan Altima 2019 and Hankook Kinergy GT: strong union

By |2020-02-12T15:27:53-05:00October 29th, 2019|On the road|

I had already driven the Nissan Altima 2019. I could appreciate the all-wheel drive – a novelty in the field of mid-size send – and driving relatively more inspired than the old generation. But my essay was limited to two special conditions: the launch, under the California skies, and on ice, in the Laurentian region.

This time it was a full week that I spent driving, which allowed me to appreciate the qualities, to find some flaws (nothing is perfect except me ….) And get to know the tires, the Hankook Kinergy GT who was out there.

Grand touring tires have become commonplace on mid-size sedans. They are known for their durability, quietness, and relative rigidity. Which, in the case of my Altima, proved true. In part at least.

In terms of sustainability, it’s difficult to decide. After all, I drove the car for only a few days, and it will take longer to find out.

Hankook Kinergy GT

In the world of stiffness, the Hankook did its job well. While it is true that the Altima is not a model of sportiness, its all-wheel drive and powerplant of some 182 horsepower (and 178 pound-feet of torque) comes from a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. a continuously variable box gives it a certain dynamism. Dynamism easily absorbed by the tires.

The Kinergy GT has been less effective when it comes to rolling silence. It was hard to tell if the condition of the roadway was the source of these noises, but it was easy to see the tires rolling on the road, causing a persistent vibration. A noise more noticeable still with the windows open, which suggests that the soundproofing of the car has nothing to do with it.

The Hankook Kinergy GT is equipped with a rather conventional tread. But take a closer look and you will see that the tires are equipped with four circumferential channel grooves wider than the norm. This feature alone speaks volumes about the wet handling capabilities of the tire. Larger grooves mean faster and better water evacuation so that the tread remains in contact with the road.

A small issue

But this quality comes with default: it is a little as if the furrows acted like a box of resonance. I say it, I’m a little grumpy, and my wife has not really been bothered by the noise. The good news though is that on wet roads, the Kinergy GT offers performance far beyond the norm.

And interestingly enough, the tire is also equipped with a stiffer sidewall to improve the steering feel of your vehicle.

The Hankook Kinergy GT is an excellent Grand Touring tire that offers superior levels of traction and all-season comfort.

As for the Nissan Altima, I must say, his behavior seduced me. The precise steering, the quality of finish of the cabin and the driving pleasure have been confirmed. The Nissan Altima is an intermediary that is worth discovering.