Michelin Latitude Sport 3 vs Pirelli Scorpion Verde

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With the plethora of all-season tires on the market, it can be an onerous task to try to choose the best one for your vehicle. If you drive a high end luxury brand crossover (CUV) or an SUV and are looking for an ultra-high quality all-season tire, the choices may seem endless.

With so many choices on the market, how do you know which brands make the best performance tires?

Two such tires that both come highly recommended and are both manufactured by well-known companies are the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 vs the Pirelli Scorpion Verde. Both of these tires have been designed specifically with the luxury CUV or SUV in mind, and each one features different tread and compounds — as well as being road tested significantly — for the discerning CUV or SUV driver in mind. In addition, both of these tires have been chosen by some of the more luxurious brands such as Porsche and Alfa Romeo as original equipment tires when their vehicles roll off the assembly line.

History of the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 vs the Pirelli Scorpion Verde

These all-season performance tires are both suitable for many brands of CUVs and SUVS. In terms of their history, the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 has been around for many years, and is currently in its third generation of improvements as an on-road SUV tire. Michelin is an extremely well-known brand of tire, and this manufacturer has been making tires since 1888.

Making tires since 1953 — and with a start in the racing industry – the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tire was launched in 2016, and was created by Pirelli due to the rising popularity of higher end CUVs and SUVs, and customers looking for tires for their vehicles. So, if you are looking for the best performance tires, and you have narrowed down your search to the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 vs the Pirelli Scorpion Verde, which do you choose?

Which is best in road conditions?

The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires on the road


The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 is a great high performance SUV tire that has been tested extensively by the manufacturer and has come out with good ratings in terms of both wet traction on all road conditions – including snow – as well as having a suitable dry grip on both summer and winter pavement conditions. With a newly-designed tread compound and increased void ratio – the amount of space between the tread block surface, compared to the space taken up by the grooves (the void space) – this high performance tire gives drivers good traction no matter what the road conditions. Similarly, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde is rated highly for lateral stability, and in addition, also provides high traction on both wet and dry road surfaces, including snow. The Scorpio Verde also features a lower rolling resistance which can help in terms of reducing fuel consumption, and gives drivers a smooth, consistent ride in all road conditions.

Tread – Which one is better – the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 or the Pirelli Scorpion Verde?

Another feature that is important to consider as well when trying to choose the best high performance tire is tire tread, and the features that come when you drive on that specific tread. On the Scorpion Verde, the tire tread has been designed with a large contact patch and four longitudinal grooves which give drivers additional traction on wet road conditions. In addition, the longitudinal siping and high lateral siping (which look like deep lines in the tire tread), give drivers all season compatibility and performance, so you are good to drive no matter what the road conditions. The optimized pitch sequence and phasing on the Pirelli’s also gives you the advantage of less internal noise while driving.

If you are looking at the Michelin Latitude Sport 3, the features vs the Pirelli scorpion are compatible. The Latitude sport all performs as you would expect an all season ultra-high performance tire to perform on differing road conditions – admirably. This tire also features a lower rolling resistance through the implementation of variable thickness sipes throughout the tire tread, and this design element helps reduce tread block deformation, thus increasing rolling resistance, so this ensures that you are comfortable driving at any speed, with a smooth and steady movement coming from your tires.

Special Features

In terms of special features, if you are comparing the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 vs the Scorpion Verde – as a consumer, you will need to see which of these features is more important to you in your performance tire purchase. The Scorpion Verde all season plus tires have been manufactured with a nod to the environment, which means they are a more eco-friendly tire, as Pirelli has made some changes to its manufacturing processes and the compounds that make up the tire that offset the carbon emissions produced from this tire. However, if a tire warranty is something that is important to you in your high performance tire purchase then the Michelin Latitude Sport 3 tires do come backed by a 30,000 mile tire warranty as well as a standard limited warranty of 6 years from date of manufacture (please read the entire warranty for full details).

An ecological green tire among a large inventory of tires

With all these factors to consider when you are choosing an ultra high performance tire for your CUV or SUV, it’s never that easy to pick one tire over the other. Both the Michelin Latitude Sport tire and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires are excellent choices for higher performance SUVS and CUVs, and both come in a variety of sizes that will fit most vehicles. Again, it’s always great to look at more than just one tire, when you are shopping, and at blackcircles.ca, we pride ourselves on being one of the best places to buy tires in all of Canada. Our highly experienced tire sales team is always readily available by chat, email or phone to answer all of your questions regarding tires, such as warranty, features and what size you need for your vehicle, so we encourage you to contact us at any time with your questions.



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