Compairing the Michelin Defender 2 vs the Continental Purecontact LS tires

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Are you looking for the very best all-season tires for your vehicle? The Michelin Defender 2 vs the Continental Purcontact LS tires could very well be the perfect ones for you!

Blackcircles presents this duel between two models that focus on durability, comfort and performance.

How do the Michelin Defender 2 vs Continental Purecontact LS compare?

The Michelin Defender vs Purecontact LS tires share some common attributes, but they also have some small differences. These differences could turn out to be significant ones for you, helping you decide what tire set will best suit your needs!

Firstly, the Continental Purecontact LS has an asymmetrical tread, compared to the Michelin tire with a symmetrical tread. We well come back to this later.

Both are made for the same vehicle category:

  • Touring vehicles (sedans, coupes)
  • Crossovers
  • Small SUVs
  • Minivans

Purecontact tires are sold in dimensions ranging from 15- to 20- inches, for a total of 33 different sizes, and with H and V speed ratings. As for the Defender, it comes in 16- to 20- inch diameters for a total of 21 different sizes, all with an H speed rating. However, a few more sizes should be made available for SUVs in 2023.

For the time being, the Continental does offer more options and because of this, out of the two models, it could very well end up being the best one for your vehicle.

One thing they do share in common is the fact that they are both born from a new generation. The Continental tire is in its second generation. It was redesigned in order to correct a few flaws from the previous generation, but also to allow it to stand out even more from the Truecontact.

When it comes to the Michelin Defender 2, it derives from two models: the Defender T+H and the Defender LTX M/S. The main objective was to improve the tire’s durability while also making it more suitable to electric vehicles.

Longevity is also one of the strengths of the Purecontact LS, as well as fuel efficiency and other features.

Both tires offer durability, improved features, and are suitable to a wide variety of vehicles.

Michelin Defender 2: Specifications

Completely redesigned for this new generation, the Defender 2 tire combines the following characteristics, amongst others:

  • An EverTread 2.0 rubber compound
  • The MaxTouch 2.0 technology
  • A more rigid structure
  • 3D SipeLock sipes

As we have mentioned it, tread life and durability are at the very heart of the improvements that were made. The EverTread 2.0 rubber compound proves to be quite successful, given that it is more resistant to abrasions, and wears down more slowly than the previous model.

The MaxTouch 2.0 technology also contributes to improving durability by encouraging a more even wear of the contact surface with the road. Moreover, this Michelin technology also works towards greater performance, since a more uniform contact surface also optimizes traction levels as well!

The increased rigidity of the structure itself also has the same effect. It is indeed a little bit deeper, boosting durability here too. Here is another advantage of increased rigidity: it makes these tires even more suitable for electric vehicles, since electric cars are generally heavier and offer greater torque.

Finally, the tread design, with longitudinal grooves, allows for water to evacuate efficiently, resulting in greater traction on wet roads. On dry roads, you can count on stability, mostly thanks to the rigid shoulder blocks.

Continental Purecontact LS: Specifications

The Purecontact LS is a tire that focuses on durability, fuel efficiency and comfort. It integrates characteristics such as:

  • The ComfortRide technology
  • The EcoPlus+ technology
  • Functional polymers
  • A redesigned tread
  • Performance indicators

Firstly, the ComfortRide technology was developed to reduce vibrations inside the tire which translates into a smooth and quiet driving experience. In fact, the new generation is 50 % quieter than the previous generation!

Then, the EcoPlus+ technology plays an environmentally friendly role: improving the tire’s fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance. On the one hand, that allows for lower fuel consumption, since the vehicle moves forward with less effort. On the other hand, it reduces tread wear and improves durability, which is 23 % superior to the previous generation.

The performance indicators are also a precious tool that help improve the tire’s life span. In fact, they allow you to quickly see when a tire alignment or rotation is necessary, for example. Moreover, they also indicate when performance is no longer efficient on dry, wet, or snowy road surfaces (DWS).

You can expect great performance from this tire with deep grooves, as they help evacuate water quickly for optimal road handling on wet surfaces. The sipes that are found in the circumferential grooves improve traction and even allow the tire to tolerate light snow!

Finally, the shoulder blocks optimize lateral grip levels for controlled and precise turns. You can also expect great stability in straight lines thanks to the wide central rib.

Choose between the Michelin Defender 2 and the Continental Purecontact LS

You will have guessed it: both tires are durable models that offer cutting-edge technologies. But what will help you choose between the Michelin Defender 2 vs the Continental Purcontact LS?

The first main difference between both tires is simply the tread. The Continental opts for an asymmetrical tread which generally translates into a sportier performance.

In fact, its main features and characteristics focus on precision and stability during turns, as well as great road handling at high speeds. The fact that it also offers a V speed rating definitely illustrates this point very well.

On the other hand, Michelin relies on a symmetrical tread. This means that you can definitely expect road handling and comfort –amongst other things- from this tire, which is indeed what the Defender 2 does offer.

Moreover, the tests that were cpmleted by DrivingPress[1] do show that these are part of this tire’s strengths. It does also indicate the model’s weaknesses, which are driving at high speeds and accelerations on wet road surfaces.



The Michelin, however, remains an extremely performant tire, as we have come to expect from the manufacturer. It is indeed one of the rare tire models that offers a combination of durability, comfort and performance.

When it comes to the Continental tire, it is mostly appreciated for the controlled and precise driving experience it offers. Whether you are driving a sports car or not, this tire provides you with an undeniably pleasurable drive as well as great comfort levels.

Michelin Crossclimate 2 tires driving on a snowy road.

In fact, it absorbs irregularities in the road surface for a smoother driving experience. However, it is not as quiet as it could be; Michelin does stand out on this subject. Traction on dry surfaces is a strength offered by both tire models.

The Michelin Defender vs Purecontact LS tires are both an excellent choice. While the Michelin offers a little extra comfort, the Continental will provide you with a sportier approach.

Finally, the Michelin tire also stands out from its competitors when it comes to durability. However, the fact that the Continental tire provides you with visual indicators of performance is something unique that even Michelin doesn’t offer! Since they are both recent models, it is difficult to give a firm opinion on which is really the most durable, although we can rely on both brands’ excellent reputation.

Comparing Warranties

Sometimes, when comparing two models, the warranty can really end up tipping the scale!

Since we are referring to two very reliable brands, it comes as no surprise that they both over advantageous warranties that share several points in common. For example, both models offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, during which you can exchange your tires.

Both manufacturers also provide you with a 3- year road side assistance that also includes assistance in the event of a flat tire!

The main difference will be found in the warranty on tread life. For the defender, it is now 130,000 km or 6- years, while the Purecontact LS offers an 112,000 km or 6- year warranty, depending on which comes first. So, in this case, the Michelin warranty is superior to the one offered by Continental.

Are you looking for the very best tire set for you? Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals at blackcircles Canada; it will be our pleasure to assist you. At blackcircles you will find high-quality tires at the lowest possible price.

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