Gaspesie, here we come with our Kuhmo tires – part 1

By Marc Bouchard | Friday 31 July 2020 | BlogOn the road

This summer being not very conducive to holidays abroad, the conditions are perfect to finally discover our part of the country. In my case, it was the sea air, local products and the picturesque (and historical!) landscapes of Eastern Quebec that delighted me for a week.

In a Hyundai Santa Fe borrowed for the occasion and equipped with Kumho Crugen Premium KL33, the 2000 km trip is already quite comfortable. Add to that good company and loud music (hopefully to cover my singing…) and you’ve got a holiday that’s even more fun.

 The Lower St. Lawrence

The first few hours of the trip, separating Montreal and the Lower St. Lawrence, are not very noteworthy. Although the Chaudière-Appalaches region also contains touristic treasures, our B&B at Notre-Dame-du-Portage and its St. Lawrence river shoreline were waiting for us.

From there, an incredible view of the sunset and, in the evening, the lights from the shore opposite. It must be said that the river is not yet very wide at this point. After a short stop in Rivière-du-Loup, we’re back on the road, a road that is already starting to get steep, although that’s not a problem for Kuhmo tires. Although I have to admit that road noise is a bit of a problem. The warm roads, doubled by the width of the tires themselves, send weird noises through the cabin as we drive along the scenic route.

Nearby, in Pointe-au-Père, is the museum commemorating the tragic sinking of the Empress of Ireland, a visit that is both educational and thought-provoking. A little further down the 132, we decided to spend a few hours at Elsie Redford’s estate, now the Métis Gardens.

After this stop, it is already time to leave for the town of Carleton-sur-Mer, at the other end of the Matapedia Valley.


On this side, it is no longer the rocky shores of the St. Lawrence, but rather the almost red sand beaches that welcome us. If we decided to go right through the Gaspé Peninsula, it is for a very small park in the city of Chandler, the Bourg de Pabos.

Although enchanting in itself, at night, the place is transformed with the multimedia installations of Nova Lumina. Around the theme of the stars, the illuminated trail takes us to discover the nature of the region from a completely different angle.

The next day on the road, which continues to become more and more mountainous and winding, it is impossible not to remember the images of the day before when you see the water. Despite the asphalt condition, which sometimes leaves something to be desired, and the difference in elevation caused by the Appalachians, the tires are still holding up well. No matter how hard the turns, the Kuhmo stands still and keep the SUV straight without efforts.  Inside the car, souvenirs, cooler and passengers are safe.


Stay tuned for the end of my road trip!


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