BMW X4 M Competition: simply for fun!

By Marc Bouchard | Saturday 22 May 2021 | BlogOn the road

I have to say it: I love SUVs. I’m not the only one, of course, judging by the exceptional sales of these vehicles over the years. But I must admit that I have a higher than average passion for them.

Especially when it’s a train-sized SUV (I can’t help but admire the Mercedes G-class or the Land Rover Defender). Another choice, when clearly displays its sporty side. Like in the case of the BMW X4 M Competition.

X4m logo When this one is, moreover, equipped with tires that stick to the road like the Continental Sportcontact 6, let’s say that I particularly appreciate my week….

Pure racing blood

Small detail, before I get shot down in public. I know for a fact that this kind of vehicle is not politically correct. That it consumes beyond the logical limit. And that an SUV doesn’t need all that power.

When you sit behind the wheel, push the pedal down and unleash the beast’s 503 horsepower, you forget about these details. The focus is on the precise handling, the stiff suspension and the spectacularly precise brakes.

Because, let’s face it, everything in the X4 M screams dynamic driving. In Dynamic M mode, which can be activated with one of the two red levers on the steering wheel, the beast is transformed. From a relatively civilized SUV, the X4 M becomes a top-notch athlete, favoring predictable road manners and even allowing for a few more extreme drifts.

Continental sport contact 6

I admit, my perpetual fear is that the car will get out of control in this type of driving. In this case, not only is the car unwavering in its stability, but it’s paired with SportContact 6 tires, which on dry pavement, have a flawless grip.

They keep the vehicle in constant contact with its steering, and don’t leave much room for error.  A small additional detail, they are not too noisy, and if they lose a little grip on wet roads, they are still more than competent.

The 265-wide, 21-inch dr size and ZR-rated treads provide a certain sense of security. Right from the start.

More than a racing beast

The BMW X4 M Competition is more than just performance. It’s also a true luxury SUV, offering comfort and driving pleasure in all circumstances. Not everyone likes its coupe-like silhouette, but in its racy M version, it has earned many compliments and envious looks.

Its cockpit (because we’re not talking about a simple cabin in a vehicle of this nature) is comfortable, spacious enough for its four occupants even if the plunging roofline reduces headroom a bit.

It also considerably impairs rear visibility.  But you get used to it, although some city maneuvers are less pleasant. The seats offer constant support, and the ergonomics of the whole are effective.

It’s true that the purchase price of this BMW X4 M Competition may seem a little excessive at over $100,000, including taxes and options. One might ask, why offer this kind of product?

Simply for the fun of it. And the BMW X4 M Competition provides plenty of fun.

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