BF Goodrich vs Michelin Tires: All About the 2 Brands

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When comparing two tire brands that rank at the very top in most road tests, where do their differences lie? BF Goodrich vs. Michelin tires need no introduction, as their reputation precedes them. But while they do share some similarities, they are far from identical.

Blackcircles Canada presents a quick overview of both manufacturers and their top models to help you make an informed decision. You can trust blackcircles for quality tires at incredibly low prices!

BF Goodrich vs Michelin: Tires

There are several good reasons for comparing these two brands. First, Goodrich sold its tire business to Michelin in 1990, so they are now closely related. However, this does not mean that they have merged, and in fact BF Goodrich vs Michelin continue to manufacture very different tires!

BF Goodrich specializes primarily in off-road and all-season driving. They develop tires that emphasize versatility. The manufacturer is often chosen by drivers of bigger vehicles such as SUVs, vans and pickups. However, they do offer a wide selection of tires for all types of cars:

With tough sidewalls and thick rubber, this tire is tough and can resist off-road damage. These work in tandem with its deflection design, which quickly removes sharp objects like rocks and debris. It also performs well in moderate winter conditions.

It features the Aqua-Flume technology for efficient water evacuation. It efficient water evacuation. It'conditionsormed quiet and durable, and features new G-Wedge sidewall stabilizers for smoother handling.

It relies on active 3D sipes and a silica enriched tread compound to perform despite very cold temperatures.

Also featuring the G-Wedge sidewall stabilizers, it provides excellent lateral stability, especially at high speeds. The unique design of its tread blocks and asymmetrical groove pattern also makes it particularly quiet on the road.

It features high-density siping, biting edges and serrated grooves on the shoulder. This design with multiple edges makes it even more effective on snow, no matter how deep. The grooves and directional tread pattern help it evacuate water and slush quickly, while the silica compound gives it great elasticity. Like the KO2, it features self-locking sipes that protect it from extreme road conditions.

G-Force is the name of its new tread, which offers exceptional grip even at high speeds, thanks in part to the ETECTM What’s more, its g-Control sidewall inserts make it even more precise when cornering.

Let’s take a look at what Michelin has to offer. This brand enjoys a superb reputation for the quality of its tires. Unlike BF Goodrich, they do not focus on off-roading. Their rubber compounds are constantly improved for performance, comfort and quietness. Here is an overview of the most popular Michelin models and what they have to offer:

This winter tire ensures controlled driving in all conditions. It's no wonder that it has been certified by performance giants like Porsche! It features 3D StabiliGrip sipes for excellent acceleration and braking on snow and ice. Its Helio+ compound delivers exceptional elasticity even in extreme temperatures.

It is a winter-rated all-season tire with a new heat adaptive compound that allows it to outperform its competitors in all weather conditions. It offers some of the best wet-weather performance and shortest dry-weather braking distances. That is due to its V-shaped directional tread, which quickly evacuates water and slush. The best wet performance in its class and one of the best dry braking distances, that's what the CrossClimate 2 delivers.

Its V-shaped tread also makes it highly resistant to hydroplaning. Regardless of what time of year it is, it gets from point A to B with flying colors. Not to mention that it lasts up to 1 winter longer than its competitors!

It offers increased traction on snow and is ideal for those who need to venture on unpaved roads. Its new stud design and self-locking sipes generate very strong grip. Its tread design and rubber compound offer both a quieter and more fuel-efficient ride than regular studded tires.

Both of these giants offer you advanced, high-performance tire models!

BF Goodrich vs Michelin: Technologies

As we have seen, these two innovative companies have developed technologies in their own fields. For the teams at Goodrich and Michelin, developing of new technologies is part of the daily life.

Comfortable man driving his car experimenting with the on-board screen technology

Michelin focuses on comfort and stability as well as high-performance driving by developing technologies such as:

  • Comfort Control, a computer-optimized design that reduces noise and vibration;
  • Piano Acoustic Tuning, an effective noise reduction technology;
  • StabiliGrip sipes with even more biting edges for stronger traction;
  • Helio+ rubber compound enriched with silica to adapt to all weather types;
  • Eco'N'Grip, to reduce rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

Over time, Michelin has made a name for itself in motorsports, and has equipped many cars in Formula 1.

If there's another tire manufacturer with a proud history, it's BF Goodrich! The company was established in 1870, and in fact it was used on the first vehicle to cross North America. Since then, it has never stopped innovating: in fact, in 1976 it was the first manufacturer in the world to offer off-road tires! It also specializes in racing and performance, and its newest technologies include:

  • Deflection technology that allows off-road tires to eject dangerous objects;
  • Aqua-Flume technology, a network of curved grooves designed for efficient water drainage;
  • UltiGrip technology, a tread compound for better grip in all seasons;
  • Its G-Control, G-Wedge and G-Force technologies, designed for precise handling.

Both manufacturers offer innovative technologies, while each tire model has its own strengths and weaknesses.

BF Goodrich vs Michelin: Warranties

Warranty can be a very decisive factor when choosing new tires. Both manufacturers offer standard warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials. Goodrich also offers a warranty for the life of the tread or within 6 years of purchase.

The mileage warranty offered by Goodrich varies between 55,000 km and 115,000 km depending on the model chosen. With Michelin, it is between 30,000 km and 130,000 km. However, Michelin also adds a 3-year road-side assistance in case of puncture.

Back tire with blurry view of mechanic performing scheduled warranty car service

Both also offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the tires, you can simply return them!

In both cases, the warranties they offer are attractive in different ways. Michelin's free 3-year assistance or the 6-year tread warranty, which sounds better to you?

Price Comparison

While BF Goodrich is a giant in the industry, Michelin enjoys a better reputation and takes the slight edge in terms of performance. For example, its shorter braking distances set it apart from its competitors!

The slightly higher quality and brand-recognition of Michelin tires means that its prices are significantly higher. While Goodrich are very good tires as well, you will have to spend more money if you choose Michelin.

If saving money on a tire is important to you, the choice is simple. But don't forget that Michelin tires are also known for improving a vehicle’s fuel efficiency!

Which Brand to Choose?

BF Goodrich vs. Michelin tires both offer great value for money. If you are trying to choose between these two brands, consider your driving habits and the pros and cons of the two manufacturers. Goodrich is the all-weather and off-road specialist; Michelin specializes in driving comfort and performance, while Goodrich tires are more affordable.

You now know everything you need to make an informed decision. But no matter which one you choose, you will enjoy high-quality tires from reputable and reliable brands.

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