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When the Michelin tire becomes a snowshoe

/ When the Michelin tire becomes a snowshoe

When the Michelin tire becomes a snowshoe

By |2020-03-04T10:22:49-05:00March 4th, 2020|News|

It was not that long ago, just a few days ago, that Quebec found itself again under a ton of snow. While the south of the province was languishing in the rain, the regions north of Montreal were facing a real winter storm. Imagine, it left up to 5 centimetres of snow on the ground per hour.

That is the moment that Michelin chose to introduce us to the new X Ice Snow tires (details of which can be read later). But it was also the pretext to test another version of Michelin winter tires: Evvo snowshoes!

Natural walk

Do you like the outdoors, and are you afraid of walking in the middle of winter? Evvo snowshoes are for you. Explicitly designed to make walking as natural as possible, these snowshoes, which can be simply put on over boots, allow you to overcome icy obstacles while taking advantage of the Michelin non-stick sole.

Little explanation. When we arrived, to underline the all-winter aspect of the event, the people from Michelin had decided to give us a small welcome outside. To get there, at the end of an icy and rugged trail built especially for the occasion, you had to put on Evvo snowshoes.

First challenge: anyone who knows me knows, by my silhouette alone, that my sports activities are limited. I train a little well, but I am far from being an athlete. So I was worried that the hike, as short as it was, would be a little too demanding.

In the end, it was not at all. And the installation of snowshoes made it possible to cross icy spaces without ever slipping or falling. Better yet, while traditional snowshoes require a somewhat haphazard approach, the Evvo are real shoes that you can efficiently run with.

According to its designers, the Evvo snowshoe also makes it possible to tackle fields and powder snow trails, as well as icy surfaces.

The secret: the sole

The secret of Evvo snowshoes is quite simple: they use a 100% rubber sole, directly inspired by Michelin technologies. We take advantage of the adherent rubber inspired by Michelin tires. This not only makes the racket grip, but it is also almost wear-free. It is easy to understand that if this rubber resists braking and rolling of your car, it will be able to withstand the few winter steps that you will take without a problem.

To put them in place, a very simple strap and tie system that limits the sizes needed to two to cover all the dimensions of shoes or boots you could wear underneath.

Finally, the Matryx textile cover provides support, resistance and good thermal control.

So equipped, you’ll be ready for winter. Evvo snowshoes are truly winter tires for your boots. And they make walking a lot easier, take my word for it! Evvo snowshoes are available online at