What to expect in 2023?

By William Bouchard | Monday 19 December 2022 | BlogNews

The year 2023 is closer than ever and with it will surely come a new wave of innovative designs and new technologies in the tire world. Why am I so sure? Well, not only because every year the manufacturers surpass themselves in terms of efficiency and creativity, but also because many of us will finally be back on the road after a few years’ break. 

After nearly three years of pandemic and containment, 2023 marks the beginning of an automotive revival. Commercial fleets are back in business like never before, and the art of the road trip has been perfected when you couldn’t get out of the country. The tire companies are ready to impress with new products, but also with a real change in priorities…

Electric, economical, zero emission…

Experts are already predicting that 2023 will be a new era for the tire industry. While nearly US$200 billion has vanished from the market since 2020, this year is expected to see a return to pre-pandemic levels. This is mainly due to the huge jump in the number of electric vehicles on our roads. In fact, between 2015 and 2021, the EV market increased almost tenfold, from 1.9 million vehicles to 16.5 million…

If you follow this blog at all, you may finally understand why so many companies are unveiling their specialized tires for zero-emission models! Their different needs in terms of support, structure and rolling resistance means a perfect opportunity to develop new technologies… and, let’s be honest, to get some good publicity at the same time!

The era of used cars

Recent times have also been marked by problems in the supply chain of many industries and, unfortunately, the automotive industry has not been spared. For many, this has led them to turn to used vehicles whose tire selection and quality can be a bit… iffy at times! In 2023, we expect a big change in the mentality of these consumers. Valuing both quality and price, their openness towards lesser known brands such as Minerva or Nexen could be useful to them.


Still, it’s the usual big players that remain in the lead for the new year. Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and Continental have all done well last year, together accounting for nearly $80 billion in revenue. One other thing will likely remain unchanged after the pandemic: the easiest way to buy tires! Online shopping, long feared by tire shoppers, is now increasingly popular, accounting for the majority of purchases in some areas. Although if you’re on the BlackCircles.ca blog, you probably already know this!

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