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What are Canadians’ favourite tires?

/ What are Canadians’ favourite tires?

What are Canadians’ favourite tires?

By |2021-02-28T12:32:52-05:00February 26th, 2021|News|

The variety of products on the tire market today is greater than ever before. Regardless of driving style, finding the right tire has never been easier. This is due in part to the large number of manufacturers who, every year, develop ever more innovative technologies. Everyone knows the big players like Michelin and Bridgestone, but are they really the favourite tires of Canadian drivers?  We decided to do our own experiment! According to Google Trends data since 2004, here are the five most popular brands in the country.


In first place in the rankings, it is the French company that takes the lead over its competitors across Canada. One of the reasons is its great popularity in Quebec and Ontario, whose urban population seems to appreciate Michelin tires more than their prairie cousins. On the podium of the most popular keywords are the names of the Pilot, LTX and Defender lines, products appreciated for their longevity and efficiency. Interestingly, the word “winter” is only found at number ten on the list, much further down the list than among the competitors.


Slightly less popular than Michelin in Canadian provinces, the bright red color of the Yukon Territory reminds us that Toyo tires are always ready for winter! This is also reflected in the keywords associated with the brand, with the first two places occupied by terms related to this time of year. Although at the beginning of each cold season, all manufacturers see renewed interest, it is Toyo that stands out, doubling its popularity as early as November!


For Bridgestone tires, a similar winter trend can be observed. At the top of the ranking of associated terms, it is the Blizzak models that win hands down, although the popular Ecopia can also be mentioned. Geographically, the company is most successful on the Prairies, mainly in Alberta. Indeed, it seems that their products are perfectly adapted to the rural life of the great Canadian attic!

BF Goodrich

While BF Goodrich tires are popular in the same provinces as Bridgestone tires, user research suggests that this is for very different reasons. Rather than their qualities on snow, it is their handling on muddy roads that “Googlers” wanted to learn about. Special mention to the Mud-Terrain T/A® KM3 which, for the past few years, has been stealing the spotlight from its cousins!


Where Michelin does not reign supreme, Goodyear takes over! The second most popular brand in the country, the purple wave is taking shape in the central provinces, where motorists seem to have very particular tastes. By far the most sought-after individual product is the Wrangler Duratrac, which specializes in driving over difficult terrain and occupies three places(!) on the keyword podium.


While the base map may give the impression of Michelin’s domination, the reality of the tire market is far from being as monolithic as that!