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By William Bouchard | Monday 26 December 2022 | BlogNews

Every good media outlet needs a year in review, and while we only cover the tire world, our blog is no exception! After looking ahead in last week’s column, it’s time to count down the year. Among the impressive concepts and interesting technologies, 2022 will certainly be a landmark year for the automotive industry.

Of course, the electrics

The topic of the year was undoubtedly electric vehicles, which seemed to be on everyone’s lips. Virtually every major manufacturer unveiled their version of the perfect tire to accommodate their needs. Usually stronger to support the weight of the battery, they also have a lower rolling resistance. 

This year, we’ve seen a renewed Goodyear ElectricDrive lineup as well as the unveiling of the all-new Hankook iON. Recently, we even got our first glimpse of the long-awaited winter version of these tires. 

A variety of materials

In this same concern for the environment, more and more tire manufacturers are trying to use greener and more efficient materials. Rubber, the main source of natural rubber, is not a very convenient plant and requires a lot of resources and a very specific climate. That’s why companies like Continental have been trying to use latex from other sources, such as dandelion, for almost 10 years now! 

In 2022, giant leaps were made in this field, for example with the launch of the Goodyear Endurance WHA and Metro Miler G152 and G652 made from soybean oil. At Bridgestone, it is more on the guayule that we have bet this year with an investment of several tens of millions of dollars. The result, unfortunately, will not be available before 2030…

And other technologies…

During 2022, we also had some news that were a bit more surprising, especially in the form of concepts that were sometimes a bit utopian. Last month, for example, I told you about the world imagined by Hankook during its Design Innovation event. The most striking? Probably the spherical wheels that promise to move us 360 degrees. 

The relationship between Microsoft and Bridgestone, unveiled this summer, also made some people smile. While consumers will undoubtedly appreciate the features that Azure integration will provide, such as predictive maintenance analysis, it’s rather strange to think that even our tires will be connected to the Internet! 


While it’s true that it’s probably more useful for society and the planet to develop greener tires, I can’t help but wonder what other surprises and strange technologies will be in store for us in 2023!

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