Pirelli Scorpion AS PLUS 3 make their debut

By Marc Bouchard | Saturday 22 May 2021 | BlogNews

The automotive market in which we are located here in Canada is quite particular when compared to the rest of the world. We have to admit that here in Canada, we are far from the small economical cars of Europe or Asia. When you look at the statistics, you can see that the average Canadian driver likes big vehicles. Pickups and SUVs top the list, with the Ford F Series topping the podium.

With these unique trends in mind, Pirelli decided to design a model specifically for driving on our roads, with our cars. Using impressive virtual simulation technologies, they have succeeded in creating a product adapted to our reality while keeping a little European touch! Revealed earlier this week, we now know their name: the Scorpion AS PLUS 3.

The PLUS line, made for North America

These new all-season tires are the latest in the PLUS line, a series of products developed to meet the needs of North American drivers. That means they’re made to be more durable and last even longer, even on rough roads. The increased longevity is also reflected in the warranty, an incredible 115,000 km. However, at this time, it is not known if they will be certified for winter use in Quebec.

The AS PLUS 3 features new technologies developed specifically for the PLUS suite, including a new tread pattern, a new structure and an improved tread compound. To increase wet traction and distribute wear smoothly, Pirelli used a new 3D siping technology and innovative additives, such as functionalized polymers. The result is a robust tire with a modern look that still demonstrates its Italian origins in both design and efficiency!

Developed with simulation tools

To perfectly reproduce the road conditions of our little corner of the world, the Italian manufacturer has brought out its most futuristic software: simulation tools capable of predicting energy and pressure dissipation! Thanks to these advanced systems, the company was able to optimize the mold and the design of the tread. The goal is to reduce wear and tear, while increasing their life span by several thousand kilometers.   

If you own a pickup truck, pickup or SUV, look no further than the newest model in the Pirelli PLUS line. Fortunately, the Scorpion AS PLUS 3 will be available on blackcircles.ca very soon!

See the Scorpion AS Plus 3 HERE

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