Pirelli returns to the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix

By Marc Bouchard | Sunday 19 June 2022 | BlogNews

The 2022 Canadian Grand Prix will take place today and drivers will have a quality choice of tires. Indeed, Pirelli tires will finally roll again on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit! After all, it has been two years since the famous Italian tire manufacturer has been there. For the occasion, the company will provide the C3, C4 and C6 tires, the softest of the selection.

So why did they choose the P Zero White Hard, P Zero Yellow medium and P Zero Red soft to represent their lineup? Well, it’s because the Montreal track has many challenges that Pirelli believes can only be overcome with a softer rubber. I’m not a racing expert, but I must admit I was surprised by all the variables that go into such an analysis!

For traction and braking

It’s not just the course that matters when preparing for a race of this magnitude. The tire experts at Pirelli have to take into account a host of factors to ensure that their tires are effective for all drivers. At Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, they took the liberty of offering softer tires for several reasons. First of all, the track is not very abrasive, which means that the soft tires will last longer.

Also, the more moderate temperature in Montreal allows the tires to retain their elasticity, where the heat in Dubai, for example, would melt them. This ability to deform is very important for this track, which requires a lot of traction and braking. If it rains, as it often does here, the drivers will be happy to have efficient tires!

New technologies on the track

According to Mario Isola, director of the sports division at Pirelli, this year should see a marked difference from the company’s last participation. This is mainly due to the new technologies used by the manufacturer in the composition of the rubber and the structure of the tire. As Isola says, drivers can expect “more stable compounds with a wider working range. [This is what] allows them to push harder throughout each stint with a much lower risk of overheating.”


One can imagine that these latest technologies will also soon be used by Pirelli for its models for the passenger car market! No need to race in F1 to enjoy the benefits of the P Zero range. Granted, there’s less at stake when driving at low speeds on the highway, but with the P Zero All Season Plus or the Cinturato P1, you’ll feel like you’re on the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix track!

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