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Goodyear tires made from soybeans?

/ Goodyear tires made from soybeans?

Goodyear tires made from soybeans?

By |2021-05-03T16:26:39-04:00April 30th, 2021|News|

Soybeans are one of the most widely grown plants in the world because of their versatility. From tofu to soy sauce, its by-products, especially its oil, are ubiquitous in our diet. Soon, thanks to Goodyear, we could even find this famous soybean oil in our vehicles, tires to be precise.

In collaboration with American soybean farmer associations, the manufacturer has developed a line of four tires whose rubber contains this oil. Among the available models, the Assurance Weatherready and Comfortdrive tires as well as the Eagle Enforcer and Exhilarate already benefit from this technology.

Ready for an oil-free future

These products are the result of several years of research, which led the company to win the Tire Technology International Award in the environmental category. While trying to find a substitute for refined petroleum products in tire rubber, Goodyear’s team of scientists discovered the usefulness of soybean oil.

Not only is it a more environmentally friendly additive, soybean oil may be even more effective. Goodyear’s research shows that this substance has many advantages over petroleum derivatives. The natural product mixes even more easily with the rubber, improving production efficiency. The resulting rubber also has benefits. More flexible and pliable, it offers better traction on wet roads, while being less resistant to rolling than a standard tire.

Tires you can trust

For now, Goodyear’s soybean oil line is limited to a few models, but already their quality is impressive. The two Eagle tires in particular are designed for high performance. The Eagle Enforcer was even designed specifically for law enforcement needs, with increased stability and an asymmetrical tread pattern that increases traction and responsiveness.

Closer to the needs of everyday life, the two Assurance tires offer the same quality rubber as the Eagle, but have their own characteristics. The Weatherready, with more than 60% of the oil in the tread replaced by soy, offers the benefits of this new technology in almost any size, for any type of vehicle. For a smooth ride, you can also try Comfortdrive. Their Evolving Traction tread and TredLock technology will ensure optimal control of your vehicle.

Who would have thought that one day you could buy soybeans on But it seems that one of the solutions for a green future has been in our fields for a long time!