GoodYear invents the recharging tire

By Marc Bouchard | Wednesday 11 March 2020 | BlogNews

Imagine the joy if the tire you wanted to install on your car never wears out? If, by the miracles of technology, it was able to regenerate himself? And even better, if its sole adapts gradually to your needs?

Science fiction? Yes, a little .. but maybe not as much since GoodYear has just unveiled its reCharge tire, which does just that. And it is by being inspired by spiders, whose web inspired the development of the material, that GoodYear wants to launch its product.

Some technical explanations

The reCharge tire, a concept that hasn’t really seen the light of day yet, would allow a sole to be reformulated each time the old one wears out. To do this, a liquid specially designed for the specific needs of each driver would be injected into the center of the tire.

As the outsole wears out, oxygen enters the tire, comes into contact with the fluid and hardens it, much like a cobweb. The structure of the tire is therefore rebuilt from the inside.

The design of the sole would be preserved. Since the sole will wear almost evenly, the penetration of oxygen would be uniform.

As for the rim, forget the traditional versions. They must include the liquid injection system provided by GoodYear. Tire experts say, “the tread would be supported by a light, non-pneumatic frame and a tall, narrow shape.” It is also claimed that this will make tire pressure verification obsolete and punctures impossible.

Presented on video, when it was to be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the reCharge does not yet have a marketing date. Does that surprise you?

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