Goodyear introduces its 90% sustainable tires

By William Bouchard | Monday 16 January 2023 | BlogNews

Just a few weeks ago, I told you about my predictions for 2023 and I have to admit that I am impressed: I was pretty accurate! Unfortunately, I can’t brag about my guessing skills since it was quite plain to see that manufacturers would still try to reduce their carbon footprint this year. It was just a matter of guessing which one would do it first and with what material.

It appears that it’s Goodyear who’s taking the lead with a new tire under development that is 90% sustainable. The company is also about to launch a 70% sustainable tire that should be available sometime in 2023. All of this is in pursuit of Goodyear’s ultimate goal of producing 100% sustainable tires on a commercial scale. 

A mix of natural and recycled materials

But what miracle substance will make this possible? Goodyear says it uses a variety of natural and recycled materials in its tires. Soybean oil, for example, is used to keep the rubber flexible as temperatures change. The company will use renewable, bio-based pine resins to improve grip. Their engineers have also reportedly found a way to produce silica, an important additive in rubber, from rice hulls. 

Even the synthetic materials will be as green as possible. The polyester used for the tire cords will come from recycled bottles. The steel used, meanwhile, will also be green, produced by an electric arc furnace process that reduces emissions.

But is it that efficient?

But it’s not just about being environmentally friendly, these tires also promise performance advantages according to the manufacturer. In fact, Goodyear is said to have reduced rolling resistance, which can reduce fuel consumption in a gasoline vehicle and increase the range of an electric vehicle. Not only is this good for the wallet, it’s also another way to make their use more environmentally friendly. 


While we don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to drive on tires made from 90 percent sustainable materials, Goodyear has already stated that they want to achieve 100 percent sustainability by 2030. At least you’ll probably be able to see Goodyear tires made from 70% sustainable materials on soon! If your need can’t wait, don’t worry. There are other Goodyear models already available that will satisfy you, like the Wintercommand or Wrangler Duratrac ranges.

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