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Bridgestone presents Techsyn, its new revolutionary rubber!

/ Bridgestone presents Techsyn, its new revolutionary rubber!

Bridgestone presents Techsyn, its new revolutionary rubber!

By |2021-03-16T15:58:53-04:00March 12th, 2021|News|

On this blog, we often talk about potential improvements, promising new additives and prospects for technical advances, but this week, it’s concrete! Well, actually, it’s rubber… In partnership with Arlanxeo and Solvay, companies specialized in rubber and materials research, Bridgestone revealed at the end of February its brand new technology: Techsyn. After more than two years of research, here are the details on this new material that will take Bridgestone tires even further.

Rubber and silica: everything you need for comfort

According to the company, Techsyn, it’s nothing more than “synthetic rubber made by Arlanxeo, with highly dispersible silica created by Solvay. Together, these ingredients are said to have phenomenal characteristics that cause them to combine in a stronger and more durable way. Bridgestone’s experts even go so far as to claim that this product would be up to 30% stronger than their classic summer rubber, while being 5% less resistant to rolling.

As you probably know, reducing rolling resistance is one of the primary objectives of all tire manufacturers. In addition to offering a more durable product, reducing this variable also reduces the tire’s environmental footprint. This is done in two steps. First, a less resistant tire will require less energy from the engine to move on the road, which can significantly reduce the car’s fuel consumption. Second, during use, a low-resistance tire will be much less affected by friction, which can easily extend its life by one or two seasons…. or even more, who knows?

Of course, this new material is not yet available on the market, but don’t worry, the wait won’t be long. Indeed, the partners already have big plans for their rubber! Combined with Enliten technology, which promises to reduce the weight of future Bridgestone tires by more than 10%, this is the beginning of a new era of light and strong tires for the Japanese company!