2023 Toyota Prius, new style, new power

By Marc Bouchard | Monday 12 December 2022 | BlogNews

Driving a Toyota Prius has never exactly been at the top of the fun scale. The car, the first units of which were sold in Canada nearly 25 years ago, has always been seen as a unique-looking economy model. And a model where driving pleasure was somewhat of a secondary concern.

That’s no longer the case. The new Toyota Prius, scheduled to arrive in early 2023, is actually much more complex. We’re talking about a complete restyling, a dramatic improvement in power, but maintaining – and this is where it’s exceptional – fuel economy.

Toyota Prius

A new style

In terms of looks, no one will argue that the new version is clearly more pleasing to the eye. The curve of the roof has been moved to give it a more aerodynamic look.

The silhouette has also been refined, the rear end has been redesigned, and a truly sexy profile has been created. Yes, from now on, we can talk about sex appeal when we talk about Toyota, and specifically about the Prius.

To accentuate this look, we’ve also opted for standard 19-inch wheels with low rolling resistance tires, as they should be. Basically, the tires are now used to ensure better handling, reduce the feel of the redesigned suspension and, above all, give the car a more muscular look.

Beware, however, that these larger tires have a direct impact on the car’s aerodynamic coefficient, which is almost similar to that of the previous generation, according to its chief engineer. But we must admit that aesthetic success is undeniable.

The interior has also been completely redesigned. Forget the dashboard with its dials in the center, or its narrow and poorly thought-out infotainment system. This time around, the focus is on an easy-to-use touchscreen and full wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Although, during my test drive in the San Diego area, I lost the connection a few times. Let’s blame it on the cars, which were pre-production models.

Small detail, too, the rear seats, as well as the visibility, became a bit more demanding, especially because of the lowered roofline and the narrowness of the rear window.

Totoya Prius

More powerful engine

To power this car, we’re relying on an electric motor, of course, combined with a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder gas engine. This is where most of the new power comes from, as the engine now offers 150 horsepower, compared to the 96 of the previous generation.

Coupled with a single-speed transmission and what Toyota calls a next-generation lithium-ion battery, this engine is capable of a claimed range of 4.8 L/100 km. I have to admit that I averaged 5.1 L/100 km on a combination of highway and city driving, which is well within the acceptable range.

The new Prius is now only available with all-wheel drive, and a plug-in hybrid version, the Prius Prime, will be launched in the spring of 2023.


New style, new power and, yes, new driving pleasure, the new Toyota Prius gracefully displays its new presence. Honestly, it’s sure to turn heads!

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