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  • No more pressure problems, here comes the adaptative tires!

    Everyone tells you: it is essential to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month. More often if you live in a place where temperatures vary from day to day. A situation that we Canadians know well. But now Continental could have [...]

  • Did you make an appointment for your winter tires?

    The question may seem amusing, or premature. But you must remember that in Quebec, and in other parts of the country, December 1 is now the deadline for mandatory tire changes. That's also why the CAA launched the official week of making appointments for winter [...]

  • A winter tire for truck, the Yokohama 712L

    It's not just cars that need winter tires. Trucks that sometimes drive very long distances, must also be able to rely on quality tires, approved for winter driving. This is the case of the new Yokohama 712L tire, which has just received the accreditation needed [...]


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Winter tires: how they allow the snowflake logo

As you know, winter tires are easily recognizable by the small logo of the snowflake and the mountain adorning their sides. Where winter tires are mandatory, this small flake is the pledge that you [...]

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